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Following the March 11, 1978 terrorist attack against two Israeli buses near Tel-Aviv, killing 37 Israelis and injuring 76, the IDF entered southern Lebanon in order to clearout PLO terrorist bases and staging areas south of the Litani River. When Operation Litani began, the US began seeking a suitable formula to send a United Nations peacekeeping force to the area held by Israel, in order to bring about an Israeli withdrawal and the establishment of a buffer zone in southern Lebanon free of terrorists. As a result of these efforts, the UN Security Council met and decided to adopt Resolution 425 calling on Israel to withdraw, and establishing a United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

UpdateUpdate : Libanon veteranen worden schadeloos gesteld!



Commando's doen aangifte tegen Defensie voor ongeval schietbaan Ossendrecht

30-09-2017 12:56
Vijf commando's doen aangifte tegen het ministerie van Defensie. Ze verwijten Defensie dood door...