This site, called "Welkom bij UNIFIL"(Welcome at UNIFIL) describes the Dutchbatt activities in Lebanon from 1979 until now. We all know that Dutchbatt is no longer active in Lebanon, but there are still all kind of activities for Dutchbatt veterans.

This site provides information on everything concerning Dutchbatt under the United Nations flag, like interviews, stories and photos from Dutchbatt veterans, books and lighters (zippos), societies and trade unions, addresses and phone numbers, special and strange stories, Dutchbatt soldiers who died for their country, stories from the press, interesting sites and so on.

It features the complete story on Lebanon, the past and the present, the civil war (1975-1976), its capital Beirut, tourism and culture, its economy, legal system, employment, climate, industry, facts concerning Lebanon, civil rights, politics, its president . . . .

It tells about the Israeli army (and its activities in Southern Lebanon), the Amal movement, the PLO, the Lebanese army, El Fatah, Jihad, Hezbollah and Hamas.

Finally you will find information on the activities of the Dutch Army, from the present and past, from Yugoslavia and Lebanon, special E-mail services from the Middle-East and a questbook for those who feel involved with Lebanon.

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